The AD-5 Skyraider was first flown August 17, 1951.  The 212 production aircraft was originally intended to be an antisubmarine hunter-killer aircraft and most operated as two seat day attack aircraft.  On many missions the plane was flown with a single pilot.  In September 1962 it was designated as the A1-E.  The AD=5 (A1-E) was used effectively in the Vietnam War as a ground attack aircraft for close air support missions by the US Navy, Marines, and Air Force, as well as the  Vietnamese Air Force.  Most were retrofitted to have dual controls so a US instructor pilot could train and fly with the inexperienced Vietnamese pilots.  It was especially effective in escorting the Air Force Jolly Green Giant helicopters on pilot rescue missions.  These planes were slow, ugly and best of all BAD!  It was known by the nicknames “Spad” or “Sandy”.


This aircraft Bureau Number 132443 is on loan from the National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, VA