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The Historic Aviation Memorial Museum has been a strong advocate of aviation education in the East Texas area.  The group sponsors numerous activities such as an occasional Fly-In, presentations by speakers such as Charles Chibitty (the last surviving member of the Comanche Code Talkers from World War II), providing historical aviation programs for civic organizations and schools, and participating in a National Aviation Day as sponsored by the Aviation Committee of the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce. The museum's observation lobby and media room are available to rent for meetings or catered luncheons. Please contact us for more information.

Prop Wash Newsletter 

HAMM's official publication is now online.  You may view the newsletter published in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Educational Outreach Program

HAMM has hosted a variety of educational outreach programs since inception.  Students from across Tyler, Smith County, the East Texas region and the state of Texas have viewed the numerous display exhibits already collected and available for public viewing.  Each year volunteers make and shall continue to make trips to schools, fairs, air shows, conferences, or other gatherings.  The presenters speak on the history of aviation by using photograph exhibits, posters, videos, and replicas of artifacts and actual aviation hardware.

Heritage Series Program

HAMM will feature monthly programs organized around our unique cultural heritage and open to the public.  The presentations will vary and may include living history presentations, lecture, and panel discussions.  Students, families, teachers, and guests are all invited to attend the series at the museum. See our calendar for currently scheduled events.